Case Study

Shotton Papermill







January - Decemeber 2023

Location &


  • Working with a major international construction company to carry out complex earthworks and remediation on a live working paper mill site. Working as Principal Contractor and Subcontractor to complete earthworks, remediation and pile cropping involving the following:


  • 130,000m3 excavation and forming foundations.
  • Remediation of 8,000m3 of Naphthalene to allow completion of foundation excavations.
  • Remediation and treatment of 5,000m3 of Hydrocarbon in soils to progress the Reduced level Excavation works.
  • Treatment and Removal of 12,000m3 of Asbestos in soils to allow excavation and re-engineering of soils for new foundations to mill structures.
  • Carrying out pile cropping to 6,000no pc driven piles.
Spm 8



  • Working in a live paper mill site with restricted access.
  • Operating sucessfully in a confined high hazard industrial environmental.
  • Logistics of removing large amounts of soils on a busy project.
Spm 10


  • From the initial order for carrying out the earthworks we have assisted the client in remediating the various areas and carried out complex re-engineering to suit the designers’ requirements for the new foundation works to the mill and warehouse buildings.
  • We have offered and assisted the client successfully in all below ground aspects with working solutions to their design issues.