Full Enabling Works: A Necessary Process

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Full Enabling Works

John F Hunt Regeneration employs professional teams of experienced civil engineers who design comprehensive enabling works packages for projects throughout the UK. As a result, your redevelopment project and enabling work are in the skilled hands of our knowledgeable technicians from the embryonic stages to the end when we hand over to your construction team. Contact us to find out how we can guide you through the most suitable enabling works package for your project today.

Our Enabling Works Packages

The term “Full enabling works” is broad and refers to the early steps in a redevelopment project that are required to prepare the site before construction. These may involve site preparation, clearing the area of vegetation, removing obstructions, creating access and egress routes, asbestos surveying and removal, demolition, decommissioning, addressing ground conditions, contamination issues, and water concerns.  An extremely wide subject for such a small term!

We can advise you prior to your acquisition, assist with planning and regulatory support, and carry out site investigations to give you peace of mind. Compiling demolition plans and designing a remediation strategy is second nature to us, as we put into practice our ‘D3 Service’—decommissioning, decontamination, industrial dismantling and industrial demolition.

At the early pre-construction stages of a project, we may suggest combining remediation into a wider enabling package. This can save time and money through programme efficiencies and, therefore, reduce project interfaces.

When required, John F Hunt Regeneration utilises the resources within the wider John F Hunt Group, giving you access to over 200 construction professionals, the technical assets and machinery to deliver projects on programme and on budget, with an emphasis on quality and safety.

Our dedication to completing the project to the highest of standards guarantees the protection of surrounding communities, allowing them to operate normally, whilst enabling the follow-on construction crews to enter the site and begin working securely and effectively.

In the following, you will get to know the details of our Full enabling works packages:

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Pre-construction Support

One of our most important competitive advantages is providing support services well before the construction enabling works commence. This allows …Read More


D3 Services

Brownfield redevelopment as a part of full enabling works, includes various steps such as Decommissioning, Decontamination, and Dismantling …Read More

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Ground Preparation

John F Hunt Regeneration’s ground preparation services for brownfield regeneration and industrial legacy sites are unrivaled in the UK. Our Ground Preparation Services includes…Read More
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Civils Engineering

John F Hunt Regeneration’s professional Civil Engineering services are carried out to the highest of standards by qualified and time served engineers. Our Civil Engineering services include:Read More


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Who Can Benefit From Our Construction Enabling Works Packages?

Full enabling works packages are precisely designed to meet the specific needs of customers who are looking to develop or redevelop brownfield sites. John F Hunt Regeneration offer a turnkey enabling solution to clients to overcome their site challenges and de-risk challenges such as contaminated soil, inadequate infrastructure, or land use constraints. These specific problems may require a combination of, or all of the following: site assessment, soil remediation, grading and leveling, drainage improvements, utility connections, and access road construction.

Those who benefit from our construction enabling works packages are:

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Local government bodies & councils

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Developers, landowners and investors

Why Choose Our Full Enabling Works Packages?

The ability to offer a comprehensive solution to developers in a seamless and timely manner to de-risk and prepare difficult brownfield sites is key. John F Hunt Regeneration collaborate closely with their professional civil engineers, environmental scientists and doctors to effectively evaluate, assess, and mitigate site risks. They reduce delays, maximize cost-effectiveness, and expedite the development process by providing a one-stop shop. By doing this, anomalous costs are reduced, land value is increased, and maximum profit is realized.

It should also be said that John F Hunt Regeneration has a long history in the field of enabling works and brownfield redevelopment, having successfully completed numerous high-profile projects.

Therefore, if you are looking for full enabling works, just give us a call, you’ll be in safe hands. You’ll have access to many construction experts and technical resources within John F Hunt Regeneration and the larger Group, enabling you to complete projects on schedule, within budget, and with a focus on quality and safety rather than juggling subcontractors and outsourcing plant and equipment.

One of The Leading Enabling Works Contractors in the UK

When it comes to full enabling works in the UK, the name John F Hunt Regeneration is always at the forefront. With full support services, D3, Ground Preparation, and Civils, as well as expert work forces, we help you to implement your enabling works projects with the most cost-effective budget and coordinated programming. The Group’s adoption of ISO 45001, 9001, 14001, and 27001 Management Systems demonstrates our dedication to upholding standards for quality, security, health, safety, and the environment for both our employees and clients. Contact us now for more information and a consultation.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is enabling works?

The preparation of a site for the start of development is known as enabling works. As an illustration, consider erecting perimeter fencing, clearing the land, addressing ground conditions, contamination issues, water concerns, creating access points, and displaying all necessary safety signs.

What do our enabling packages include?

Our enabling packages include full support services, D3, Ground Preparation, and Civils.

What are the benefits of full enabling works packages?

Cost reduction, quality improvement, and increased value are the most important benefits of full enabling works packages.

How do we usually extract water from the ground?

The most common way of extracting groundwater is by using a pump system, with the extracted water passing through a treatment facility, where it is purified before being released back into the environment.

Enabling Related Services

Besides supplying land remediation work, we also provide industrial demolition services and related supportive works such as civils enabling work, water treatment technology as well as industrial dismantling and demolition services.

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