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Groundwater Quality to Its Perfect State

We provide reliable groundwater remediation services to tackle contaminated groundwater issues and restore the health of water resources. Our commitment is to help you achieve your site’s full potential and leave a positive impact on the environment.


Groundwater Remediation Services

We take pride in our groundwater remediation services, which are crucial for environmental stewardship. Our experts choose the best techniques for each situation, ensuring a thorough and effective cleanup.

Pump & Treat 

Our cutting-edge pump and treat purification services utilise advanced filtration, air stripping, and chemical treatments for exceptional results.

Chemical Oxidation

We utilise chemical oxidation to break down apparent contaminant structures and those that are unresponsive to our pump and treat method.

Air Sparging  

By creating a plume of air, we mobilise and remove contaminants. The vadose zone is cleaned by our air sparging service.  

Dual-phase Extraction

The combination of the pump & treat method, soil vapour and air sparging to perform deeper remediation, creates our dual-phase extraction service.  

In-situ Bioremediation

This method uses microorganisms to break down pollutants into less harmful substances, providing a natural means of eliminating contaminants.  

Why is

Selecting the Appropriate Groundwater Remediation Solution Crucial?

Remediating groundwater does not follow the same method in all the projects. The appropriate combination of environmental, technical, and commercial parameters is needed to custom plan each project when considering groundwater remediation services.

The choice of groundwater remediation solution required depends on the type and amount of contamination, special site conditions, regulations, and overall goals of the project.

The effective remediation process with optimal results usually combines a mix of methods. Our expert team investigates sites carefully to gain precise data regarding the projects’ requirements and create a tailored solution for each project.

The Benefits

of Our Groundwater Remediation Service

Our groundwater remediation service is customised based on our client’s needs and project requirements. We rely on our team’s knowledge and experience to choose the best method.

Overall, we optimise our services in the most efficient way, to suit the project, both for a timely and cost-effective solution.
As well as addressing clients’ concerns, we ensure that our chosen technique is performed based on the required environmental regulations.


Remediation Experts

Tailored Solution

Tailored Solution

De Risk Approach

De-Risk Approach

Cost Effectiveness


Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Highest Efficiency

Highest Efficiency


More Ways We Can Help You Through Our Remediation Services

When it comes to remediation, we offer a range of services to cater for any possible client needs and requirements. We suggest you also discover our Land Remediation Services:

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Remediation Services Tailored to Benefit Industries

Each industry requiring our groundwater remediation services has unique regulatory requirements and policies. Our expertise is tailored to meet the needs of diverse industries.

Land Developers

Construction Companies

Site Responsible Regulators

Local Authorities

Infrastructure Sectors

Regional Development Agencies


Choose Our Groundwater Remediation Services?

John F Hunt Regeneration’s groundwater remediating services are known for being precise, qualified, tailored to customer needs, and cost-effective.
We also work with communities and agencies to protect the environment and use innovative techniques, making us a trusted contractor for sustainable regeneration.
We stand out as a reliable leader in our industry for:

1- Customised Solutions

We offer personalised solutions for each groundwater remediation project, developing tailor-made solutions to your needs and goals

3- Sustainable Methodologies

We prioritise preserving the environment during our remediation operations by employing sustainable practices that safeguard future generations.

2- Compliance-Focused Approach 

We meet strict environmental compliance standards and work with regulators to exceed environmental requirements in all our projects. 

4- Continuous Innovation

Our cutting-edge technology ensures groundwater remediation efficiency. We commit to innovation for modern and capable services.


a Free Consultation

Our team of experts are available to identify the most suitable approach for your needs and requirements.
Time-served experience on a diverse range of successful projects makes us a knowledgeable advisor and contractor.


Approach to Groundwater Remediation

We have a comprehensive groundwater remediation approach which is tailored to each project’s environmental protection, cost-effectiveness, and stakeholder engagement priorities.

1Initial Assessment

  • Collecting and investigating site information, including geology, hydrology, and soil characteristics as well as contaminant details.

  • Performing site assessments to determine the level of ground water contamination and pinpoint possible sources.

  • Setting up contamination levels and establishing cleaning goals.

2Remediation Plan Development

  • Creating a site-specific remediation plan considering the characteristics of contaminants.

  • Assessing the viability and value of each remediation approach.

3Implementation and Monitoring

  • Performing the chosen remediation treatment and observing results.

  • Carrying out frequent sampling and analysis to evaluate removal rates of contaminants and monitoring compliance with regulatory standards.

  • Appraise the remediation plan and fine-tune as required to achieve the optimum results.

4Completion and Verification

  • Performing extensive post-groundwater remediation assessment to verify the removal of contaminants and confirming an effective remediation process

  • Recording the remediation procedure from site assessment to remediation and verification results.

  • Report to the regulators and stakeholders.


For Something Beyond Remediation?

Consider a broad selection of services provided by John F Hunt Regeneration that are not limited to groundwater remediation and also meet industrial and environmental needs.

We are dedicated to developing unique solutions for various projects, achieving perfection in all our ventures.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean up contaminated groundwater?

John F Hunt Regeneration employs a comprehensive approach to groundwater remediation, utilising a variety of techniques, including pump and treat, chemical oxidation, dual phase extraction and electrokinetic remediation.

What are the 3 most common techniques for cleaning up groundwater pollution?

The 3 most common techniques for cleaning up groundwater pollution are:
• Pump and Treat
• Dual Phase Extraction
• Chemical Oxidation

What is groundwater bioremediation?

Groundwater bioremediation is an effective way of cleaning polluted water by introducing microbes.

How do we usually extract water from the ground?

The most common way of extracting groundwater is by using a pump system, with the extracted water passing through a treatment facility, where it is purified before being released back into the environment.