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Water is a valuable asset in all construction, redevelopment and industrial projects. Business owners and developers seek solutions to prevent water wastage, protect the environment, and maintain productivity.

At John F Hunt Regeneration, we understand the critical importance of ground water, surface water, run-off and water course management. Due to the size and complexity of the wider water technology sector, the John F Hunt Water Technologies Division of the Regeneration business is dedicated to providing advanced water treatment technologies to ensure that your water control meets the highest environmental standards. With our expert services, you can trust that you are in good hands.

The Importance of Water Treatment

Proper ground water, surface water and wastewater treatment are crucial for protecting our environment. Left uncontrolled or untreated it can lead to severe ecological damage and health hazards. Here’s why John F Hunt’s water treatment services are indispensable:

Adding Another Layer of Security

Water systems are generally effective, but they are not infallible, especially with the increase of excess ground water, surface water and run off water from construction sites, industrial businesses and extreme weather events. John F Hunt Regeneration’s water treatment solutions provide an additional layer of security, ensuring your waste water is free from contaminants such as heavy metals, silt and other pollutants.

Removing Unwanted Contaminants

Having undertaken a thorough survey and following collaboration with clients and stakeholders, John F Hunt Regeneration’s Water Tech Division will produce a comprehensive report on the best course of action.

They have the unique ability to provide a complete works package, from initial pre-construction design to installation and day-to-day operation; this reduces project interfaces and gives clients a simple procurement route.

Here are just a few of the steps that John F Hunt would consider when developing a specific and effective Surface Water Management Plan:.

Identify sources of potential contamination ie surface and silt water run-off, fuel and chemical storage, excavation pumping operations etc

Determine water courses, ground water and foul drains for any potential discharge

Ensure effective monitoring and maintenance of pollution prevention procedures

Identify whether a site is ‘High risk’ ie aquatic life or protected areas nearby, type of soil, gradients, site exposure, average rainfall, flooding risk, etc  

Develop and implement management to minimise risk through control and treatment measures

Preparation of a Pollution Incident Response Plan for emergency situations

Protecting Health

Contaminated water making its way from our drainage systems into streams, rivers, estuaries and ultimately our costal seas can cause serious issues for ecology, fish, wildlife and humans, therefore we take great pride in the protection of these water courses.

How We Can Help with Your Water Treatment

As an industry leader in the UK, John F Hunt Regeneration utilises bespoke state-of-the-art water treatment systems to suit your project or business. As well as providing water treatment services, the Water Technologies Division help clients build tailored on-site water treatment facilities.

Infrastructural Services And Operational Support

John F Hunt Regeneration and its Water Tech division help clients build facilities equipped with water treatment technologies offering the following services:
Treatment Systems
Treatment of Chemicals & Consumables
Plant Optimization

Operation & Management

Operator Training
Compliance Monitoring

Effluent Treatment Systems

One of our services in Water Treatment is the implementation of Effluent Treatment Systems. These systems include suspended solid control, a crucial first step in water treatment. We also manage dissolved metals, a service essential for advanced industries and mines. Additionally, our expertise includes the removal of fuels and oils, along with pH control, ensuring comprehensive water treatment for your business.

Suspended Solid Control
Dissolved Metals Management
Fuels and Oil Removal
pH Control

Design And Pre-Construction

We specialise in the advanced management of water-related challenges and water pollution control issues; our experienced Process Engineers, Doctors and Chemists, offer specialist advice and support to clients covering many industries and sectors.

Early engagement with clients is key, with our professional teams providing the most effective solutions to suit the project needs including:.


To evaluate the best options to solve your specific problems

Baseline Quality Assessment

For initial data analysis

Permitting Assistance

To gain the correct environmental compliance

We Serve Diverse Business Sectors

Robust water treatment systems are necessary to guarantee uninterrupted business operations and reduce disturbances. Water Treatment Services provides temporary and permanent water and wastewater treatment options for emergency, planned, and multi-year scenarios, meeting the needs of the facility operators.

Construction & Demolition

We specialise in Water Treatment services for the construction and demolition industries due to their high-water usage. Our Water Treatment package for Construction and demolition businesses includes sand and sediment control systems, dewatering, fuel and oil removal, permitting support, and training.

Industrial & Manufacturing

John F Hunt Regeneration also offers its Water Treatment services in the fields of industrial and manufacturing, covering industries such as food manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical production and electronics to name just a few. In addition to preventing any environmental damage, the team ensures compliance with current regulations. These prevention services also help to increase productivity, whilst protecting the business from damage through a pollution event, affecting its reputation and resulting in costly fines .

Closed Mines

A large amount of water is present in closed mining sites, which can be contaminated with acids, silt, heavy metals and many different sediments, which are harmful to the aquatic environment therefore, water purification is considered an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. For this reason, John F Hunt Regeneration provides complete water treatment services for mines throughout the UK. As well as the design, build, operation and maintenance of mine treatment plants, we put management systems in place to cleanse water containing dissolved metals, silt, sediment, high and low pH, oils and chemicals, as well as undertaking the dewatering of sludge.

Through our John F Hunt Water Tech Pumping Solutions division, we also design and supply bespoke pumping solutions. Equipment hire and sale is available, as is complete project management for entire industrial installations, providing onsite electrical design, installation and complete project management.

Committed to Sustainability

At John F Hunt Regeneration, we believe in creating sustainable water treatment solutions. Our systems help you meet UN and UK Government targets and enhance your business’s environmental, social, and corporate governance practices. By choosing John F Hunt Regeneration, you are investing in a future-ready, environmentally responsible company that aligns with the growing importance of sustainability in today’s world.

Safety as a priority

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