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We have redefined the standards of excellence in dismantling and provide you with unique solutions for your industrial infrastructure. By combining cutting-edge techniques and a commitment to health and safety, our seasoned professionals deliver sophisticated industrial dismantling services that go well beyond expectations.


Industrial Dismantling
at John F Hunt Regeneration

Our team of professionals specializes in the decommissioning and industrial dismantling of various structures, from manufacturing and industrial facilities to power plants, nuclear processing plants, and chemical refineries.  

We perform the dismantling process using various techniques, including cold cutting and hydraulic shear and cracker work, and use innovative solutions to suit each client’s requirements.

We carefully dismantle the building components to keep and refine the saleable assets. Since we have far-reaching industrial links, we are in a position to identify buyers willing to purchase off-site assets and materials.

We can provide a turn-key solution, a complete follow-up package that includes remediation of the demolished site, hardscaping, and landscaping. 

Deconstruction & Building Dismantling 

Controlled and careful demolition of buildings, making the most of recyclable materials. 

Electrical Equipment Dismantling  

Selective disposal of electrical equipment.

Industrial Plant Dismantling  

Our specialist service ensures that all safety regulations are applied while protecting the environment.

De-planting, Product Draw-down and Machinery Dismantling 

Complex machinery services for reusing and recycling recovered assets of complex industries. 

Site Restoration & Land Remediation

Preparing an area for future development.  

Recycling and Waste Management  

Ensuring that waste is properly disposed of, and materials where possible are recycled.  

Asset Recovery & Equipment Salvage

Generating profit for our customers by asset recovery, waste management, recycling and cost saving. Saving valuable equipment, ensuring sustainability, and reducing project costs. 

Learn more about John F Hunt Regeneration’s first class industrial demolition which combines safety and sustainability with efficiency and eco-friendly techniques. 

Benefits of our

Industrial Dismantling Services

We are committed to ensuring you have the highest level of safety, and efficiency with our focused and dedicated workforce. We exceed industry standards across all fields.  

Safety as a Priority

Budget Wise Idea

Budget Wise Ideas

Tailored Solutions To Suit Your Project

Tailored Solutions to Suit Your Project

Mastering Compliance

Mastering Compliance

Fostering A Sustainable Future

Fostering a Sustainable Future

Optimizing Assets Maximizing Values

Optimizing Assets, Maximizing Values

Want a Specific

Package of Works?

In addition to our industrial dismantling services, we deliver all aspects of brownfield enabling, from an operational industrial site through to a cleansed piece of land that is ready for development. 

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Why Should You

Choose Us as Your Dismantling Contractor?

John F Hunt Regeneration is well known throughout the UK for its expertise in industrial dismantling, as well as its dedication to putting the customer first. We have in-depth knowledge of the different complex issues at stake on every project, therefore our professional teams customize and adapt solutions to precisely suit your requirements. We assure you of nothing less than the very best and safest solution to protect your assets.

Our vast knowledge and collaborative in-house dedication to our client’s best interests guarantee a perfect outcome every time.

Boasting a wealth of experience
Prioritizing customer’s unique needs 
Ensuring a tailored approach 
Adhering to comprehensive safety protocols 
Employing eco-friendly practices 
Optimizing assets, maximizing their values 

Our Approach

Through Industrial Dismantling 

Our industrial dismantling services follow a meticulously thought-out and well-structured process that ensures efficiency, safety, and client satisfaction. Our approach goes through 6 key stages: 

Comprehensive and early collaborative project planning and assessment 
Your needs based on tailored dismantling techniques and methodologies.

Safety is considered our priority concern

Executing a precise and detailed plan based on knowledge, skill and expertise.  

Ensuring Environmental consciousness through every stage of waste management and recycling. 


Ensuring complete decontamination in the site restoration process.

Our Industrial

Dismantling Equipment and Techniques

Our commitment to efficiency and quality while using the latest technology is thoroughly reflected in the cutting-edge tools and techniques that we use. Explore our comprehensive range of equipment and techniques that sets us apart:

Remote excavator works


Unbolting and lifting  


Non-Return lifts  


Hydraulic shear/cracker


Explosive demolition


Cold cutting


Hot cutting


Temporary works


Embracing Our Service Excellence 

In John F Hunt Regeneration, we unlock new possibilities for a wide range of sectors and industries. Our customised skills and professional attitude meet the unique needs of each industry. We ensure efficient and safe industrial dismantling operations to clear the way for enabling, remediation and regeneration. 

Large general manufacturing


Power generation  


Urban development and infrastructure  


Real estate development  

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Safety as a priority

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About Our Industrial Dismantling Services 

We understand that industrial dismantling projects can raise multiple questions and concerns, and this is why we have set out a list of frequently asked questions: 

What is industrial dismantling?

The specialist decommissioning, dismantling and demolition of manufacturing and industrial facilities, chemical refineries, power and nuclear processing plants is known as Industrial dismantling. The process includes the careful dismantling of challenging and hazardous industrial legacy sites to create saleable assets and materials, which may include a full range of techniques from cold cutting right up to the use of controlled explosives.

How safe and compliant are your operations?

At John F Hunt Regeneration, we observe strict safety measures and risk management policies to guarantee the health and safety of our staff, the environment, as well as the public. We plan our dismantling processes in a way that causes as little disturbance as possible, while we perform each step efficiently, compliant with all regulations and current legislation

What is the difference between demolishing and dismantling?

While industrial demolition is a more general term covering the complete removal of an entire industrial structure, the concept of dismantling is to take them apart by cutting with large shears or cracker attachments in a controlled fashion, conserving materials and plant.

Do you have any previous dismantling project samples?

Our company has an excellent track record of dismantling industrial structures. On our website, you can find case studies demonstrating how broad and deep our expertise is.

Which environmental initiatives do you support?

Many of the sites we work on are high-risk and sensitive, therefore we have an established environmental management system, which is in-line with ISO14001:2015, where we endeavor to constantly reduce our carbon emissions, protect the environment, prevent pollution and minimize risk. We meet our compliance obligations including legal requirements and continually improve our environmental performance and management systems by identifying and understanding our environmental risks and impacts and being prepared to respond to them.

What are the key actions you take to uphold your environmental commitments?

1. Ensuring all workers understand their environmental responsibilities and are competent in their tasks.
2. Using and maintaining work equipment and premises to meet our environmental objectives.
3. When purchasing, consider a life-cycle approach in materials selection and construction techniques and select the best technological, environmental, and economical practical option.
4. During planning, ensure we achieve all our commitments and ensure the efficient use of resources through superior design, specification, procurement, material handling, use of competent operatives and through effective waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and recovery of wastes.
5. Reviewing the performance and effectiveness of the Environment Management System.
6. Delivery of continual improvement through improvement plans and control of non-conformity.
7. Measure and reduce our Scope 1, 2 and 3 Carbon emissions against our Carbon emissions baseline.



Learn about industrial demolition, OHS, policy directives as well as contemporary trends. They provide an opportunity to understand the industrial regeneration landscape through the use of the above resources.

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These resources may come in handy if you wish to know more about dismantling in industrial settings, safety considerations, environmental measures, and industrial happenings. We would also advise that you visit the regional offices to ask any further queries and get specific details on some of the matters. We have industrial regeneration skills at our house.


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