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Solutions for Industrial Demolition Projects

Each industrial demolition project has its own unique set of requirements, therefore our methodology for every job is tailored to suit your needs. Many of the sites we work on are high-risk and sensitive, therefore every aspect of a project is meticulously planned with client representatives and regulatory authorities to guarantee a safe, timely outcome on budget.

Our time-served specialist teams are involved in the preliminary stages of brownfield regeneration and industrial demolition to help shape the project by combining proposed objectives with site capabilities and constraints.

They not only focus on cost efficiency, safety, and logistics for your project as you would expect but also work collaboratively with you and your stakeholders from the outset to lower the possible environmental impact, whilst employing the most sustainable techniques and supply chain provision to help lower the carbon impression.


Industrial Demolition at John F Hunt Regeneration

At the embryonic stage of any project, our experienced management and operatives cover every aspect of safe engineer-led industrial demolition work, which involves the complete pull-down and removal of entire structures. We use high-precision machinery, attachments, and procedures to demolish buildings, equipment, and installations, protecting both our operatives and the immediate surroundings.

Our industrial demolition is tailored to individual projects and offers a wide range of services including:

Commercial Demolition

Commercial Demolition

The complete and effective demolition and removal of commercial buildings,
industrial plants, warehouses, and offices.

Waste Management

Waste Management

The ecologically sound disposal of demolition waste for recycling and reuse.

Residential Demolition

Residential Demolition

Demolition and removal of residential buildings such as tower blocks.

Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery

Collecting, refurbishing, and reusing valuable materials such as glass, metals, bricks, concrete, and wood from demolition sites.

Structural Demolition

Structural Demolition

The thorough and safe destruction and removal of large structures such as silos, gas, and water towers.

Environment Management

Environmental Management

All-encompassing measures to minimise the environmental impact of demolition work, such as dust control and noise abatement methods for enclosed spaces and preventive measures against ground and water pollution.

Site Clearance

Site Clearance

Clearing a site of all demolition debris and materials such as concrete for recycling and reuse.

Turn Key Solution

Turn-key Solutions

Following demolition, we can provide a follow-on, full enabling package including land and groundwater remediation of the demolished site, hardscaping, and civils.


Benefits from Our Demolition Services?

When an ageing industrial facility requires transformation into a blank canvas for new ventures, or when a structure’s integrity and safety are in question, clients ask for our expertise.

Our industrial demolition services to turn industrial brownfield or unproductive structures into valuable assets ready for redevelopment cater to a diverse clientele and include:

Property Developers

Requiring new construction, a change in land use or complete redevelopment

Oil and Gas Companies

Decommissioning of ageing or obsolete infrastructures

Chemical and Manufacturing Industries

Replacing outdated or damaged industrial facilities


Dealing with hazardous materials, brownfield sites and unsafe buildings

Why Choose

Our Industrial Demolition Services?

At the early stages of a project, we will advise and assist you, providing teams of skilled specialists to ensure that your project is executed with precision and safety.
As your industrial demolition contractor, we stand for:

Boasting a wealth of experience

A team of skilled, experienced demolition professionals who follow strict safety procedures.


Expertise in demolition methods:

Choosing the most effective methods for each project with minimal environmental impact.


Efficient and cost-effective demolition practices:

First-class productivity, enhanced resource utilization and truncated project times where practicable.


Holistic scope of demolition services:

Providing you with all the demolition and ancillary services your project requires, all under one roof.

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Demolition Methods and Techniques 

According to project requirements and site conditions, our team chooses the most suitable demolition methodology which may include a combination of demolition techniques including:

Mechanical Demolition

Cold cutting, remote excavator works, concrete bursting, hydraulic cracker & pulveriser works

Selective and Soft Strip Demolition

Selective and Soft Strip Demolition

Special care in removing select materials for recycling, reuse for the circular economy or to prevent damage

Controlled Explosive Demolition

Controlled Explosive Demolition

The blowdown of complete structures by controlled and precise explosive demolition.

Heat Based Method.

Heat-Based Methods

Efficient and precise hot-cutting

Temporary Works

Temporary Works

Installation of protective barriers or crash decks, access facilities and support for infrastructure and buildings.

Not Exactly

What You Were Looking for?

We provide a full spectrum of comprehensive services to support your industrial demolition projects seamlessly:

Industrial Dismantling Services

Dismantling complex structures for reuse, recycling, or salvage.

Land Remediation Services

Restoration of the site ensures that contaminated soil and groundwater are addressed, leaving the area cleansed and ready for redevelopment,

Groundwater Remediation Services

Restoring contaminated water courses to safe levels.

Civils and Full Enabling Works

Site preparation for new construction or rehabilitation.

FAQ About Our

Industrial Demolition Services

What is industrial demolition?

Industrial demolition refers to the total, safe, taking down and disposal or recycling of industrial facilities and their structures. It involves various techniques from mechanical methods to controlled explosive demolition, which are adjusted to suit each project.

What is the difference between demolition and deconstruction?

Deconstruction is a more systematic and selective form of demolition that emphasizes the salvage of reusable materials. It is undertaken by disassembling structures using special excavator attachments such as shears. Demolition refers to the destruction of buildings, generally once certain equipment, cabling, or recyclables have been removed.

What is the process of demolition?

In the most simplistic terms, the demolition process typically follows 5 main steps, which include:

  • Detailed planning, essential early all-party collaboration, risk assessment and gaining all necessary permissions
  • Site preparation
  • Demolition
  • Waste management
  • Site clearance

How much does demolition cost per square meter in the UK?

Demolition costs can vary significantly, as the total cost depends upon the complexity of the job and the service which is right for your project scope. You can get more significant information about your own project by contacting our team of professionals.


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