St William




21 weeks

Location & Overview

John F Hunt Industrial undertook the role of Principal Contractor and Designer for the project at SGN Gaswoks, which involved the dismantling and demolition of the superstructure down to the top of base/ground slab plus associated buildings.

Wiggins dry-seal gasholder was approximately 36.5m diameter by 28.5m high above ground and 5m below ground (1 million cu. ft).

Demolition of Oxted gas storage with high reach excavator

Challenges & Solutions

Oxted Gas Storage Jan 2019

Works included coordination with Network Rail for rail side activities, a structural survey and temporary works.

With the assistance of a 100 ton mobile crane with man basket and equipment access, the roof structures were removed and lowered to the ground, followed by the first 6 ring plates of the main holder, in accordance with the design by our in house structural engineers.

The holder was reduced in height in gradual steps, working downwards using both the high reach and standard excavators with shears to cut through the metal.

The removal and backfilling of various underground ancillary structures adjacent to the gas holder, was also undertaken to leave a clear site for hand over.

Our Achievements


Completed Two weeks ahead of programme


No safety incidents and weekly updates with Tandridge Council and St William