This is the No 2 Shaft at our Wheal Jane mine site in Cornwall. Under the gantry is a 1,200ft deep mine shaft, although you’d see water 180ft below. This is the level at which the mine water has reached since the Wheal Jane operation closed in 1991.

Some years later, a mine water treatment plant was installed to prevent metal-rich water from rising to the surface and flooding the nearby Carnon River. Just above the water level are 8 pumps, each extracting 72 l/sec of mine water. Currently 3 of those pumps are used, but in the coming weeks we will move to 4 pumps.

Since John F Hunt Regeneration took over the operation of the pumps and mine water treatment works on 1st October, nearly 500,000m3 of water have been lifted 180ft and run through the treatment process before being safely released as clean water into the Carnon River.

This process is one of the largest of its kind in Europe and is critical to safeguarding the local environment. We are operating this complex process for 

Improving the environment, maximising efficiency and ensuring a good return on investment for our clients, is what excites us.