Land & Groundwater Remediation

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Land & Groundwater Remediation

Early engagement is key to unlocking the value of a site requiring ground remediation.

We can get involved at any stage of a remediation project and do as little or as much as required, however we can deliver our greatest value when we are involved right at the start of the process – even before a site is acquired.

Working alongside you and your team, we can determine the best way to remediate a site and prepare it for development. This means considering the regulatory and technical aspects, how quickly the site needs to be delivered and a budget that ensures the scheme is financially viable.

Whether the scheme is consultant-led or we need to deliver a Design and Build solution, we have the skills and technologies to assist you:

Stage 1

Pre-acquisition Advice


Budget advice at site acquisition stage to help decide if an industrial legacy development is viable – at no cost.

water tech inhouse training

Stage 2

Remediation Strategy Design


Collaborating with your consultant to design a remediation strategy that is robust and cost effective. It will be developed with regulatory acceptance in mind.

We value engineer the scheme at an early stage and utilise technologies such as BIM to support the design.

Stage 3

Regulatory Support


With many successful projects under our belt, we know how important it is to engage with the Regulator positively. Working alongside all stakeholders we can get consensus and ensure the agreed strategy is workable and will deliver a viable development pad.

Engineers analysing the field of demolition site

Stage 4



Utilising the most up to date techniques and technologies available, we turn your industrial legacy site into an ‘oven-ready’ asset.

Using BIM and value engineering throughout the delivery stage provides surety of delivery.

We have been given the role of Principal Contractor on several projects with great success.



Remediation techniques are carefully chosen on a site specific basis; some of the most common methods we implement are set out below, however if you are interested in understanding these in more detail there is more information available here


Soil stabilisation and/or solidification


Ex-situ soil remediation, such as bio-remediation


In-situ soil remediation, for example soil vapour extraction


Groundwater treatment, such as pump and treat


Asbestos containing soils (ACM) – careful excavation, hand picking, sorting, abatement, air testing

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